Treatments done at this institution are with a personal touch of Vaidya, as touch bring connection, intimacy and harmony between a patient and Vaidya which will help for better understanding. Therefore These services in fostering a parent-child relationship between the physician and the patient which is quite essential for the successful curing of a disease.

The treatment procedures followed in this institution are called as Ayurvedeya Pancha Karma or the five procedures of Ayurveda. They are






{nasal medication}


{administration of medicines through Anus


{blood letting}

Innovative treatment procedures like Njyavara Kizhi (Nyavara Kidi), which is highly rejuvenating have been practiced. Shirodhara (pouring of warm oil over head) is another such treatment procedure which has been giving relief for diseases like migraine and paralysis from time immemorial.

Ayurveda believes that one of the inevitable limbs of ayurvedic treatment is a loving and intelligent caretaker or attendants have been chosen for their personal qualities and they are given an intense training in the ayurvedic way of care taking. The result has been that the patients develop a very personal bond with the caretaker and feels at home during his/her stay which actually speeds up the phenomenon of healing itself.